Social Media, SEO & Digital Marketing Services

FSC Interactive is a New Orleans SEO, content marketing, paid search and social media marketing agency. We’re in line – and in partnership – with tech innovators, so when they shake up the industry, they simply won’t shake us.


Building a rich, responsive online community transforms monologues into dialogues


Anticipating customers’ search habits so they can find your business first


Comprehensive strategy plus persuasive advertising results in coveted clicks from your target audience


Connecting marketers with their ideal customers for deeper interaction

How we do it.

Our strategic process is highly collaborative – with us, you are a partner with a key seat at the table. We aim to understand you and your audience so that what we craft together is perfectly customized for your unique goals.


We listen.

Somewhere online, someone is talking about your business. Are you listening? Whether entering a search query on Google or tweeting a complaint, one thing remains true: the conversation never stops.

FSC Interactive isolates your issue and filters out the clutter to hone in on the key insights and conversations that will benefit your brand.

We engage your customers.

The rules of engagement are simple: Be honest. Be authentic. Be relevant. But, before we engage, we know the language and the audience.

FSC Interactive will guide your company through the ever-changing online landscape to make the perfect first impression and foster ongoing relationships that drive revenue for your business. We inspire you and your consumers to be brand advocates.


We analyze what’s working and what’s not.

Measure twice. Act once. FSC Interactive measures everything to ensure that our efforts lead to results.

We immerse ourselves in your brand and industry, and we create metrics to define your success and will help you modify your messaging to achieve them. We set goals and track every step, tweet, ad and post until we reach success, on time and on budget. Our analysis is your greatest asset.

We optimize for the best results.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it — optimize it. FSC Interactive won’t settle until your online marketing campaign is at its peak performance. We innovate your marketing, daily, weekly and monthly.

We use our listening skills and analysis to quickly course correct when something isn’t working and amplify the efforts that are most successful. FSC Interactive will leave no virtual stone unturned to reach your audience with the exact right message at the exact right time.

We impact your ROI.

Through a culture of transparency and support, we believe that process yields better, more creative results every time. With intelligence, tact, and top talent, we never forget the client’s bottom line.

Measure twice. Act once. A better return on investment every time.


We’re online marketing experts designed to advance businesses and bottom lines. We aren’t full service, but we are fully specialized. And methodical. Adaptive. Tireless, too. We live for this.