Meet the Team

At FSC, mutual respect and shared success are the roots of great partnerships and innovative work. Through a culture of transparency and support, we believe that process yields better, more creative results every time. With intelligence, tact, and top talent, we never forget the client’s bottom line.

Mckenzie Lovelace

Mckenzie Lovelace CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder

Tallie Merritt

Tallie Merritt President


Sadie Nius

Sadie Nius Vice President of Operations

Vice President of Operations

Whitney Mitchell

Whitney Mitchell Director of Social Media

Director of Social Media

Caroline Counce

Caroline Counce Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development

Justin Shiels

Justin Shiels Creative Director

Creative Director

David Rotman

David Rotman Senior Multimedia Designer

Senior Multimedia Designer

Jenny Lovold

Jenny Lovold Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

Mary Kate Hutchinson

Mary Kate Hutchinson Account Executive

Account Executive

Siobhan Lidon

Siobhan Lidon Search Analyst

Search Analyst

Madeline Elliot

Madeline Elliot Digital Strategist

Digital Strategist

Casey Ochoa

Casey Ochoa Community Manager

Community Manager

Taylor Saville

Taylor Saville Office Administrator

Office Administrator

Chris Prudhomme

Chris Prudhomme Community Manager

Community Manager

Kelsey Campion

Kelsey Campion Digital Content Producer

Digital Content Producer

Alex McClard

Alex McClard Community Manager

Community Manager

Sara Watson

Sara Watson Editorial Manager

Editorial Manager

Victoria Roberts

Victoria Roberts Digital Content Producer

Digital Content Producer

Kayla Morrison

Kayla Morrison Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

Lauren Evans

Lauren Evans Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator

Grace LaDuke

Grace LaDuke Search Coordinator

Search Coordinator