Meet the Team

FSC Interactive is a New Orleans Internet marketing agency that specializes in smart online marketing strategies. We offer services in social media optimization and management, content marketing, e-mail marketing, search engine marketing, SEO and paid search advertising.


Mckenzie Lovelace

Mckenzie Lovelace CEO & Founder

CEO & Founder

Tallie Merritt

Tallie Merritt President


Sadie Nius

Sadie Nius Vice President of Operations

Vice President of Operations

Brooke Hartman

Brooke Hartman Creative Director

Creative Director

Mike Crimmins

Mike Crimmins Director of Search

Director of Search

Caroline Counce

Caroline Counce Director of Business Development

Director of Business Development

Mallory Whitfield

Mallory Whitfield Content Analyst

Content Analyst

David Rotman

David Rotman Senior Multimedia Designer

Senior Multimedia Designer

Angela Trumbaturi

Angela Trumbaturi Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

Andrew Bovine

Andrew Bovine Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

Sara Watson

Sara Watson Editorial Manager

Editorial Manager

Jenny Lovold

Jenny Lovold Senior Account Executive

Senior Account Executive

Jordan Cranch

Jordan Cranch Digital Content Producer

Digital Content Producer

Siobhan Lidon

Siobhan Lidon Search Analyst

Search Analyst

Sophie Osella

 Sophie Osella Digital Content Producer

Digital Content Producer

Alaina Meynard

Alaina Meynard Assistant Digital Content Producer

Assistant Digital Content Producer

Mary Kate Hutchinson

Mary Kate Hutchinson Assistant Account Executive

Assistant Account Executive

Hayley Amoss

Hayley Amoss Community Manager

Community Manager

Madeline Elliot

Madeline Elliot Community Manager

Community Manager

Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider Search Coordinator

Search Coordinator

Taylor Saville

Taylor Saville Office Administrator

Office Administrator

Casey Ochoa

Casey Ochoa Community Manager

Community Manager

Katie Cable

Katie Cable Account Executive

Account Executive

Dan Helfers

Dan Helfers Account Executive

Account Executive