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Internet Marketing & Tech Industry News You Can Use

TECH ROUND-UP - January 24, 2017

1. Are Emojis Kryptonite For iPhones?

A YouTuber was the first to discover a three-character combination of emojis that crash and freeze certain models of iPhones and iPads. Learn how to protect yourself from this iPhone Kryptonite.

2. More Google Call Extensions Coming

People are using their mobile phones for search more than ever, and when they do, they frequently follow up their search with a phone call. Google is taking action on this search behavior by launching an expansion of automated call extensions in mobile ads, beginning on February 6.

3. Need To Know Facebook Live Features

Facebook recently unleashed multiple new features for Facebook Live, including the ability to highlight comments and to broadcast via a desktop or laptop computer. Learn more about the 6 new must-know Facebook Live features.

4. DuckDuckGo Is Going Strong

Google, Yahoo and Bing aren’t the only names in the search engine game. Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo recently hit a milestone of 14 million searches in a single day. As more and more people become concerned with how their online data is tracked, use of this anonymous search engine is expected to soar.

5. LinkedIn’s New Design Unleashed

The professional social network LinkedIn recently unveiled a preview of its website redesign, the biggest change in the company’s history. The new look began appearing on some feeds last week and will continue rolling out over the coming weeks.

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