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Internet Marketing & Tech Industry News You Can Use

TECH ROUND-UP - May 17, 2017

1. How Fake News Is Changing Marketing

The rise of fake news and online scams has consumers seeking one thing more and more: truth. A new study shows how people really feel about their need for truth and transparency and gives insights that companies can use to their advantage.

2. Facebook Ads & Pixels, Oh My!

Advertising on Facebook offers an endless array of targeting opportunities. With everything from tracking pixels to 4 features that many marketers overlook, there’s a lot to learn if you’re trying to do it all yourself. Need a hand? Contact us to learn more about our paid social advertising services.

3. Post To Instagram Without The App

Instagram is notoriously protective of how users interact with the platform, recently cracking down on fake account activity and shutting down the third-party bot site Instagress. Now, it’s offering a way for users to share photos outside of the Instagram app. Mobile users can now post a photo from the Instagram.com website. We’re not holding our breath until they roll out this kind of functionality for desktop users, however.

4. New Features Coming To Pinterest

As Pinterest shifts away from the social media world and focuses more on its role as an e-commerce discovery and shopping search engine, it is continuing to add more features. Learn about 3 of the latest additions here.

5. Google’s New Similar Audience Targeting

A few weeks ago, Google expanded their targeting options to include similar audiences for Search and Shopping campaigns.

With more ways than ever to target the right audience for your products, is it time for you to pay more attention to your paid search advertising strategy?

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