Paid Search Advertising Case Study

How Dynamic Search Ads Increased ROI for One Retailer


Who should use Dynamic Search Ads?

Dynamic Search Ads are perfect for a business like Bedding Plus or any e-commerce retailer which offers many different products on their website.

Dynamic Search Ads work because:

  • They save time by automatically matching searches to products on your website.
  • Frequent, automatic updates mean that your ads are always as up to date as possible.
  • Relevant, dynamically generated headlines give your ad more visibility and relevance for people searching for what you have to offer.
  • We can show ads based on your entire website, specific categories or pages and even prevent your ads from showing for products that are temporarily out-of-stock.
  • Dynamic Search Ads offer additional traffic and sales by promoting your business to more customers than you can reach with a keyword-targeted campaign.
Mike Crimmins

Mike Crimmins

Director of Search

“FSC has been a key element in the success of my family’s business for the past 2 years. FSC has a team of upbeat, knowledgeable, passionate people who care about the overall success of my business. Since partnering with FSC, our website has had a major overhaul which is driving more customers to my business and providing us with a competitive edge in a tough market. FSC provides extensive monthly details of our site’s performance and always has a checklist of goals that they will accomplish in the next month. Their understanding of the digital world and ability and desire to help my business be successful in it is always welcome.”

Troy Mutter

Bedding Plus

Shane and Troy from Bedding Plus wanted people to buy their mattresses, take them home, and sleep on them.

The only problem was they have hundreds of mattresses, brands, sizes.

How would potential customers find out about all of the products on their website?

The old solution to this problem was using generic, vague keywords like “King Size Mattress” to send visitors to a generic landing page.

But we knew there was a better solution: Dynamic Search Ads.

$100 per visitor before DSA


A -95% decrease in cost

$7 per visitor after DSA

By implementing Dynamic Search Ads, we automatically connect customers to specific, highly relevant product pages on the Bedding Plus website, leading to higher conversions and bigger profits.

Before implementing Dynamic Search Ads, Bedding Plus was spending more than $100 per visitor to their store from their Google AdWords campaign. Now, with Dynamic Search Ads each visitor costs less than $7, a -95% decrease in cost!

Big Results for Bedding Plus

We’ll let Mike take it from here…

Paid Search Spend Is Growing... But Is Your Business Benefiting?

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