Video Advertising Case Study

How Re-purposing Video for Facebook Ads Generated New Leads for One Wedding Venue

Reach Thousands For Mere Pennies!

Back in July 2015, it was our first time setting up Facebook video ads for one of our clients. After setting up the first round of ads, we checked in a few days later and couldn’t believe the results.

We already had thousands of video views, and we were getting a cost per view of $0.002. That’s right. Pretty much zero.

A few weeks later, we tried out a similar campaign with our client Balcony Ballroom. Targeting those in the New Orleans area that are engaged, in a relationship, or interested in anything wedding-related, we were able to produce highly successful results once again.

Working with our video production team, we couldn’t have been happier with the results and quality of the final video. And now it was time to take that video and put it to the test…

Dave Rotman

Dave Rotman

Senior Multimedia Designer

“In the short time we’ve been collaborating with FSC, they have managed to take our family run business to an entirely new level. Having been in business for over 40 years, we have watched the nature of the wedding industry grow and change into a fiercely competitive market. Never having had to advertise in the past, it was crucial for us to find the right company that would differentiate us from numerous other competitors and FSC has accomplished just that.

In a digital age where everyone is competing for clicks and views, FSC has given us the results we always wanted by allowing our business to reach a much larger target audience than we ever could have imagined. We have sincerely enjoyed working with such a pleasant and accommodating team and would highly recommend their services to anyone looking to expand their business marketing.”

Vanessa Van Vrancken

The Balcony Ballroom

A video that evoked emotion led to big financial wins for Balcony Ballroom!

When local wedding venue Balcony Ballroom approached FSC to set up a new social media advertising campaign, they already had plenty of recent video footage showcasing their services.

FSC re-cut the existing footage to create new videos that spoke directly to the audience our client wanted to reach on Facebook.

The new short video ads integrated storytelling and evoked an emotional response that led to big results for Balcony Ballroom!

Facebook sees an average of 1 billion Facebook video views per day, and as they optimize their site to allow for even more easily consumable video content, that number is only expected to rise.

The value in video has been proven time and time again. Facebook shows us that from the moment a video ad is viewed (even before one second), lift happens across ad recall, brand awareness, and purchase consideration. These all increase with each additional second the video is viewed.

If that isn’t enough to get you on board, then I have something else for you that might: cost.

$660 spent on Facebook video ads

74,290 video views

Less than $0.01 per video view

How did the video we created for Balcony Ballroom perform on Facebook?

Spending $660 total, we reached our goals with ease, acquiring 74,290 video views at a cost of less than $0.01 per video view.

As Facebook history has taught us, everything gets more expensive, and video advertising this inexpensive will not be sticking around for long.

If you’re considering diving into Facebook advertising, NOW is the time. To learn how FSC Interactive can help you target the right customers through video advertising on Facebook, contact us today, or read more on our blog.

Facebook Video Ads: Lots of views, for a low, low cost.

When it comes to content marketing, video offers an enriching and engaging experience for your users.

If you’re hesitant to use video marketing in your local social media strategy, we’ve got some data that should change your mind:

video content marketing stats

Video is the wave of future content marketing. We’ve heard it before. But as most marketers are shifting their budgets from display and TV to digital video, the future looks ripe for social media advertising that displays video, especially on Facebook.

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