Boost Your Holiday Sales: SEO Tips & Social Media Tricks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Boost Your Holiday Sales: SEO Tips & Social Media Tricks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The holiday season means big business for retailers, and with holiday sales expected to increase by 10% compared to the 2015 holiday season and e-commerce sales expected to increase 25% from last year.

It’s clear that there is plenty of opportunity for small businesses to think smarter and take action to boost holiday sales. Here are six SEO tips and social media tricks to start implementing that will keep the virtual cash register ringing all year long.

Schedule content in advance

Plan ahead and create blog posts and social media content for the holiday season with the goal of increasing sales. Create targeted gift guides for different price points and demographics (think “Gifts for Men” or “Gifts Under $50”). Don’t stop after the holiday season is over – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding season, and other holidays offer plenty of opportunity for year-round gift-themed content.

Remember to schedule social media posts about Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, and be sure to let your customers know about holiday shipping deadlines.

Smart SEO and social media tactics can lead to boosted holiday sales.

Smart SEO and social media tactics can lead to boosted holiday sales. (Photo courtesy Tim Reckmann on Flickr)

Improve your call-to-action & landing pages

‘Tis the season to tout your best work. Look for ways to improve user experience on your website, and direct visitors to the actions you want them to take. Make it easy for them to find the information they need before they’ll buy, like shipping and return policies and customer service contact info. Put the spotlight on seasonal products, gift certificates, and gift wrapping options.

Use Pinterest to drive traffic

Pinterest is the social media channel that is a natural fit for e-tailers. With its visual nature and built-in search functionality, Pinterest is a shopper’s paradise, and visitors who click through from Pinterest have been found to be more likely to buy and spend more on average than visitors who click through from other social media sites.

Create Pin-optimized graphics for your website, and build out holiday-themed Pinterest boards with seasonal topics like Christmas Decorations or Fun Gift Ideas, meant to drive traffic back to your website.

Better yet, invest in a Promoted Pins strategy. This highly targeted form of paid search advertising offers a lot of bang for your buck. Choose between increasing engagement with your Pins or increasing clicks to your website.

Consider adding video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth cash in the bank. Research shows that video increases conversions, particularly for e-commerce sites. Use video on product pages to offer additional information and show how a product can be used or worn. Consider creating video gift guides featuring multiple products and share via your blog and social media.

Take advantage of paid search advertising

For e-commerce retailers, paid search advertising with Dynamic Search Ads and Google Shopping is a must. Be sure to submit your product feeds to the Google Merchant Center and consider running Product Listing Ads to target the customers who are looking for the products you sell during the busiest shopping season of the year.

Optimize for mobile

A recent study found that more and more shoppers are using their mobile devices to purchase products online. Mobile shopping is up almost 25% from 2015.

If your website isn’t already optimized for mobile phones and tablets, it’s probably too late for a website re-vamp before the holiday shopping onslaught, but as mobile continues to take up more of the online market-share, it’s imperative you add a responsive website re-design to your game-plan for next year.

Don’t stop after the holidays are over

Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, not an overnight fix. When combined with smart social media strategies, it can add up over time to a big increase in profitability.

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