BOO! The Scariest Social Media Content Mistakes

BOO! The Scariest Social Media Content Mistakes

AHHHH! Cover your eyes, because these social media content mistakes are the scariest! (But really, don’t cover your eyes — keep reading to learn what NOT to do!)

Posting about a national holiday when that holiday doesn’t exist

“Happy National Wear a Costume to Work Day!” Oh, wait… that’s awkward, because it’s actually National Pizza Day, and National Wear a Costume to Work Day is not a legitimate day. Celebrating weird national holidays is a great way for any brand to create fun and engaging content. However, there are A LOT of made up national holidays.

How to avoid this: Research all fun national holidays in advance of planning to post, and make sure at least three different sources all have the same date.

Over-filtering an image on Instagram

We all know this person. The friend who crops the image to a wide angle, turns the brightness all the way up, adds the XPROII filter and then randomly throws in a blurry addition after having already run the picture around in a third-party photo editor app. Now your eyes are burning, and your followers are terrified!

IMG_0565 IMG_0566

How to avoid this: Try to stay as absolutely natural looking as possible while also making the color pop and the image more eye-catching. If you are going to edit your image in a third party app such a Snapseed, VSCO Cam or Afterlight, don’t you dare even touch it on Instagram. Just run right past the filter options and publish.

Not spell-checking before publishing

This is an extremely common mistake in social media world. Your brand is trying to send out a fast tweet in order to jump on a trend. In the rush of emotions, you accidentally tweet:


When you meant to say “cologne.” Ouch…

How to avoid this: There are a lot of ways. First, read it to yourself about three separate times. Also, try sending it over to a co-worker for a second set of eyes.

Jumping on a trending hashtag that has nothing to do with your brand

Every brand wants to be up with the trends. However, before jumping on a hashtag that you think is a fun play on words, you MUST perform quick hashtag research. Or you might regret it…


How to avoid this: Click on the hashtag or use the Twitter app on your phone. Twitter now provides you with a quick bio of what the hashtag is for so when it comes to making this big mistake, you no longer have an excuse.

Don’t make scary mistakes with your content!

Need help creating content that draws your potential customers in, rather than making them want to run for the hills?

Contact FSC Interactive and ask about a comprehensive content audit and strategy. We’ll take a holistic approach to developing a content strategy that aligns with your business goals. There’s nothing scary about that.

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