Leaders in the industry.

FSC drives innovation with impact. We don’t quite fit inside the box, so we always think outside of it.

We are committed to positive results.

Since 2007, FSC Interactive has set the pace for the social media industry in the Greater New Orleans area.

As the first New Orleans marketing agency to start a social media department, and as an agency that focuses exclusively on online marketing, FSC has continued to guide clients through the advancing technology and tactics of social media, paid search, SEO and content marketing.

Among shifting goal posts and the constant change of the online world, strategic risks and refinements are part of our day-to-day (as are office dogs). We’re in line – and in partnership – with tech innovators, so when they shake up the industry, they simply won’t shake us.

Through a culture of transparency and support, we believe that process yields better, more creative results every time. With intelligence, tact, and top talent, we never forget the client’s bottom line.

We live for this.

At FSC, mutual respect and shared success are the roots of great partnerships and innovative work. We’re designed to complement your business. This belief is at our core and in our culture: your goals are our goals.

Your happiness is ours, too. We’re responsive and take responsibility — we push back only to move you forward. Your concerns keep us up at night, and that’s OK because we’re passionate. We live for this.



We’re online marketing experts designed to advance businesses and bottom lines. We aren’t full service, but we are fully specialized. And methodical. Adaptive. Tireless, too. We live for this.