Using Facebook Ads to Reach a Niche Audience


Tales of the Cocktail (TOTC) is the world’s premier series of cocktail festivals. In 2016, they needed help generating more attendance to their three-day Mexico City Tour, which featured renowned bartenders, educational seminars, and cocktail tours throughout the city. Understanding the high engagement and loyalty of its fans on Facebook, TOTC tasked FSC Interactive to use Facebook to sell tickets to this event using only a $150 advertising budget.

Our Solution:

Reaching a new audience and translating the brand’s authenticity into a foreign language posed a challenge, so we began with analysis of the previous year’s ticket sales and attendee profiles to gain insight.  In order to maximize the small budget, we identified a niche community of 17,000 people most likely to purchase a ticket. We did this through layering demographic and interest based keywords with behavioral interests and employment filters, and then confining the reach of the ads to an 8 mile geo-fence around Mexico City. 
Several ad campaigns were created to test various images and copy, which allowed for alternates if the messaging didn’t translate to foreign audiences. After the launch of the campaign, FSC tracked each ad, while responding to all comments in a timely fashion using Facebook translations. The additional community engagement helped gain valuable feedback and bolstered organic reach through shares and likes. The results exceeded expectations for both engagement and click through rate.

 Learn how we used Facebook ad targeting to reach a niche audience and deliver amazing results.


In only three weeks, the ads received more than 3,000 clicks directly to the website where tickets could be purchased. The cost? Less than $0.04 per click.

For less than $150 total, we were able to send more than 3,000 qualified leads to purchase a $229 ticket. (Even if only one of those visitors purchased a ticket, the ad would have paid for itself!)

We also got an additional boost, with organic shares on Facebook receiving a 39% lift, showing that the content resonated with the audience, which resulted in an additional 11,201 impressions.