Social Media Contest Case Study: Tales of the Cocktail

Facebook contest case study for a social media contest that FSC Interactive created for Tales of the Cocktail.

Social Media Case Study: Facebook Contest for Tales of the Cocktail

Tales of the Cocktail and FSC Interactive worked together to create and execute the “What Happens at Tales, Stays at Tales” social media campaign, which aimed to generate brand recognition for TOTC as the premier event for cocktail industry professionals.

The campaign ran from May 16th through May 29th, 2014, ending with an announcement of the winner on all social media channels.

This social media campaign lived on a Facebook tab on the Tales of the Cocktail Facebook page.

Using Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote the Giveaway, fans would first pick whether they were a #TalesVeteran or a #TalesVirgin on the Facebook tab and then enter their information, along with their favorite Tales memory (#TalesVeteran) or reason why they wanted to attend (#TalesVirgin).

The winner would receive the chance to have a “shot and a beer” with bar mentor Dushan Zaric, plus $250 worth of tickets to TOTC events, and 1 ticket to the invite only event, Mr. and Mrs. Cocktail’s Spirited Sunday Brunch.

All users had to be a fan of the Tales of the Cocktail Facebook page in order to enter.

The prize of a “shot and a beer” with a bar mentor was specifically chosen to appeal to the target demographic of bartenders and spirits industry professionals.

At the end of the contest, FSC narrowed down the submissions based on the stories and the reasons why people said they wanted to attend. Together, FSC and TOTC chose a winner who was a #TalesVirgin and could gain a lot of knowledge from the opportunity and hopefully become an evangelist for the experience of attending Tales of the Cocktail.

The contest received 145 total entries, with an even mix of #TalesVeterans and #TalesVirgins, from a variety of backgrounds, including cocktail enthusiasts, bar owners and professional bartenders.

We received some great stories from Tales Veterans, some of which were used for promotional content on Facebook throughout the contest period. The contest winner we chose was a young bartender and a Tales Virgin, who we thought could really benefit from the opportunity.

There were 7 posts regarding the What Happens at Tales Giveaway on TOTC’s Facebook Page during this campaign, which garnered 206 Likes, 21 Shares.

This campaign reached a total of 41,779 people and TOTC gained 9,990 new fans gained during the giveaway period.

In addition, Tales of the Cocktail promoted the giveaway through Instagram on 3 separate posts which garnered 233 Likes and 13 Comments.

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