Social Media Contest Case Study: Hotel Monteleone

Social Media Contest Case Study: Hotel Monteleone

Social Media Case Study: Hotel Monteleone Summer Giveaway

Hotel Monteleone and FSC Interactive worked together to create and execute the “Hotel Monteleone Summer Giveaway” social media campaign, aimed to increase awareness and engage the local and drive markets of New Orleans during the summer months.

The campaign ran from June 9 through August 14, 2014, ending with an announcement of the winner on Facebook and Twitter.

The social media campaign lived on a Facebook tab on the Hotel Monteleone Facebook page. Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote the giveaway, fans would first choose their favorite aspect of Hotel Monteleone on the Facebook tab and then enter their information to win a luxurious two-night stay at Hotel Monteleone.

Users could choose from drinks, food, pool and hauntings as their favorite aspects of the hotel. These answers gave Hotel Monteleone and FSC Interactive great marketing insights.

FSC Interactive created and executed the “Hotel Monteleone Summer Giveaway” Facebook advertising campaign, which aimed to increase likes and engagement with the Hotel Monteleone Facebook page.

There were a total of 3 promoted posts as well as Facebook ads which reached 65,503 total users.

This campaign saw high engagement, with 4,279 people engaging with the posts in some way, including liking, sharing or commenting on a post, or clicking on a link.

The average cost per post engagement was $0.10 with a total spend of $476.96. Overall, FSC Interactive’s social media campaign for Hotel Monteleone engaged 4,279 people and reached 65,503 people.

Hotel Monteleone gained 6,537 contest entries and 9,262 new fans, while only spending$476.96.

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