Paid Search Case Study: How Hotel Monteleone Generated $500K+

Paid Search Advertising Case Study: How Hotel Monteleone Generated $500K in Bookings

Case Study: How FSC Interactive Got Hotel Monteleone $500K More Bookings with Paid Search

Paid Search Metrics

$35,000 yearly budget, $500,000 generated in bookings, 2,000+ website form completions and 1-800 calls

Using paid search in Google and Yahoo, FSC Interactive successfully optimized a comprehensive search program to target visitors in New Orleans looking to book a hotel room.

Paid Search Challenges and Objectives

The goal for FSC Interactive was to reach hotel seekers with a paid search campaign. Terms with the highest traffic and click through rate are highly competitive terms with a high cost per click.

The challenge is to create compelling messaging and offers that create an online registration and conversion to generate online revenue.

The main campaign objective was to generate hotel bookings through the Hotel Monteleone website at an acceptable cost per conversion.

Paid Search Execution

FSC Interactive developed compelling and trackable landing pages that focused on specials and hotel rates with targeted and optimized paid search keywords that drove qualified traffic resulting in a high number of bookings.

Targeted keywords were purchased within the Google and Bing/Yahoo networks on a cost per click basis.

Paid Search Results

Through customized landing pages, tracked online forms and tracked phone numbers, FSC Interactive developed a fully trackable online campaign that generated a high volume of bookings each month resulting on average in over 28,549 visits to the website and 705 online bookings generating $347,901.60 in online bookings.

Additionally online leads led to 507 phone bookings generating $152,213.20 in revenue. All from a total investment of $32,189.75.

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