Driving Qualified Applicants to University Nursing Program


Loyola University New Orleans wanted to promote their DNP program to prospective students starting in 2010. Needing an influx of applicants to their online nursing programs, they turned to FSC Interactive to find a way to increase online applications, while staying within budget given the highly competitive nature of the industry. By 2012, competition had increased significantly, driving up cost per click and acquisition.

Our Solution

An analysis of the Google keyword tool and campaign analytics determined that competition was steadily increasing in the online nursing field on Google, Yahoo and Bing. To keep costs affordable and stay competitive in the market, FSC Interactive deployed a 360 degree approach to the online advertising program for Loyola University’s online nursing program. We leveraged our knowledge of how to best reach the target audience through search, display and social to create a competitive, cost-effective campaign, ensuring the Loyola message was served to the target audience as often as possible for the lowest cost per click. By targeting the consumer in search, Loyola was present during the initial research phase of the prospective students online journey. Using display and social, Loyola stayed top of mind to consumers as they spent time online. Finally, using remarketing advertising, Loyola was able to deliver a highly targeted message to consumers we knew had Loyola high on the consideration list. FSC also included negative keywords to hone in on our target audience and to make sure these ads weren’t competing with other campaigns. Online advertising inventory is constantly shifting and changing, so it is necessary to be agile. Staying innovative means pivoting quickly when things aren’t working by taking calculated risks and tracking performance data. By doing so, FSC Interactive consistently drove quality leads to the DNP program within budget.


Loyola DNP case study results