Booking Hotel Rooms with Targeted Persona

Hotel Monteleone has been a landmark in New Orleans’ French Quarter for over 125 years, hosting such notable guests as Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, and William Faulkner. When your brand has been well known for over a century, how do you stay competitive with a constant influx of new companies and growing competition for leads?

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An update to Google Knowledge Graph decreased organic search traffic year over year to Hotel Monteleone, diverting a large segment of search queries to Google-based information sources rather than the hotel’s website.  Additionally, the Google Panda 2.0 Update created an algorithmic penalty against Hotel Monteleone for low-quality websites in their back link profile, further decreasing their organic rankings. At the same time, third party booking engines were bidding on the “Hotel Monteleone” brand query, driving up costs and creating a challenge for the hotel to get top rankings in both organic and paid search placements. 


It was clear that Hotel Monteleone could not compete for generic terms like “hotels in New Orleans,” and needed to differentiate  its brand. 


Our Solution

FSC Interactive looked at audience data to identify a segment that would bolster impact with a targeted niche focus.  A review of visitor transactions and room revenue
identified luxury audiences as the “sweet spot” for maximum return on paid search expenditures. On-site visitor behavior analysis identified areas of the website that could be consolidated or enhanced to increase page views and visibility in search results with custom landing pages suited to the luxury audience. Additional landing page analysis showed long-tail keywords with several highly specific phrases had low competition and drove qualified visits to top content pages, including blog and attractions pages, prior to booking.
FSC created a persona to guide our strategy in emphasizing the hotel’s four-star experience, starting with a campaign targeting luxury travel terms. We then incorporated negative keywords that specific queries, such as “deals” or “cheap” to further tailor the campaign efforts. FSC used geotargeting to concentrate the budget in the hotel’s top 25 markets based on revenue, maximizing impression share in these high-value markets with budget friendly retargeting and display ads. We also optimized ad landing pages for keyword content and user behavior specific to the luxury audience, to increase Quality Score and ad position, while decreasing CPC to best leverage budget to achieve 100% impression share for brand, to fend off online travel agencies.



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