What We’re Reading | The Hunger Games and How To Blog with a Spine

This week’s search for intriguing online news turned up some interesting results. In lieu of jail time for libel charges, one man was sentenced to public apology…on Facebook. YouTube has now made it so you don’t have to be a professional videographer to produce great results with their new Video Manager feature. Ragan teaches us that some (blog) rules are meant to be broken. Find all of this and more on this week’s FSC reading list.

Ashley: If you’ve stopped by the FSC offices in the past 12 months, you’ve probably heard the hallway whispers about the latest pages read in The Hunger Games book series. So it’s no surprise that we’ve been following the incredible social media buzz surrounding tomorrow’s Hunger Games film debut. Their Facebook Page has over 3 million fans and has reportedly seen a 215% increase in growth since the beginning of the year, and it doesn’t stop there. The Hunger Games Adventure Facebook Game releases tomorrow with the film and is sure to bring in thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of users. They live streamed the premier, created a robust Facebook presence with an official Page and individual Pages for each district, a robust Twitter presence complete with a #whatsmydistrict Twitter challenge, built a Facebook game, sustained an incredible mobile presence with 10% of the 7 million premier streams coming from mobile devices and built an engaging Tumblr…but just in case you haven’t OD’d on The Hunger Games’ social presence, check out these 7 ways to connect with The Hunger Games movie on social media. Can you tell we’re excited?

Brooke: Go to jail, or post a long-winded public Facebook apology to your estranged significant other – every day, for 30 days? Mark Byron chose the latter, as most of us would, posting an apology to his soon to be ex-wife for negative comments he made on his Facebook page during their initial split. But, it gets better: after 26 days of posting apologies, the Ohio photographer has decided to stop and fight for his free speech. So far, Byron is still jail-free but is rallying pretty hard on Facebook for support. Interested in his cause? See how you can Free Mark Byron.

Rebecca: As much as I love to create videos, my recordings always seem to be shakey or poorly lit. Well, YouTube is rolling out a new feature that lets users edit the visual quality of videos with a click of a button. Basically, it’s like auto-levels for video. Video Manager will alert the owner if their creation could use a little help and the owner can lighten, stabalize and edit video quality on YouTube.

Tiffany: Times are tough for a lot of people, but would you give up your Facebook password to land a job? Some companies are requiring job candidates to hand over the keys to their personal social networks during interviews. This seems a little excessive to me.

Burke: The Art Of Content Marketing – Smashing Magazine has a great article on tips on how to market your Web content. People will visit your Web site if you have interesting content. Your tone and style is important as is the way that you teach your visitors. Let them leave your site feeling learned and a little bit about who you are. They will come back.

Sally: As a blog editor, I’m always thinking about my audience and what they expect not only from the product I’m presenting to them, but from the blogosphere at large. The ultimate goal of any blog, or any Web site for that matter, is to first drive visitors and second, to keep them when they arrive and plan a second date. There’s unofficial rules of thumb many blogs try to follow because that’s what’s always been taught. For example, bloggers will try to trick the reader into staying on the page by incorporating numbered lists or bullet points, but that’s not always the best practice. Ragan empowers blog writers and editors to look past some of those style confines and frankly, grow a backbone when it comes to blogging.


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