What We’re Reading | Changes for Google Panda and Facebook Timeline

The big news this week, at least in the online world in which our office permanently lives, is that Facebook Timeline for pages has finally arrived and that Google is changing its search algorithm…again. Treat yourself to some light industry reading and peruse our weekly reading list.

Ashley: They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and as an estate sale aficionado, I can tell you it’s true! What one disregards, another cashes in on. That’s exactly what DataSift is doing since Twitter is selling your old Tweets. They’ve launched DataSift Historics, a Social Data Platform that enables companies to extract insights from Twitter, both in real-time and with a two year history. As long as your Tweets are public, they’re fair game for aggregation. How do you feel about the profit off your personal messages?

Sally: Not only has Facebook Timeline become the new platform for personal accounts, now it will be the design for brand pages as well. This will change the look and implementation of Facebook page activity, so your brand should plan accordingly. Here are some tips for adapting to Facebook Timeline for brands, including posting aesthetically rich content, having a robust historical account of your brand within the Timeline and carefully choosing what to share.

Rebecca: Everyone knows that the best camera is the one you have with you. Just because your smartphone is always in your pocket, doesn’t mean you should forgo other camera options in all circumstances. Smart phones are great to capture what is going on “right now” but when it comes to complex, documentary-style footage, the traditional route is usually the best option. Knowing when to use a smartphone camera can lead to less editing headaches and a better final product.

Tiffany: Panda is back! Google is making 40 new updates to its search algorithm. This is great news for local businesses who are optimizing local search SEO. Why? Because Google will give priority to geographically appropriate websites, and those that are more robust will rise to the top. If you want to know more about how to build out those local listings and get found, give us a call. We’re pretty darned excited and happy to help!

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