How The Pope and The Oscars Are Using Twitter

We’ve enjoyed some light online reading in the past 48 hours coming off the heels of Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras 2012 was a total blast, but the break from nonstop celebration has been a welcomed one in the office. Here’s a short and sweet list of what the FSC Interactive team read this week, from the Pope embracing Twitter to the Oscars’ social media strategy for this Sunday.

Ashley: The rush of beads, parades and king cakes has subsided and we’ve finally accepted that Fat Tuesday and the Mardi Gras season have passed. It’s with this realization that we note Wednesday marked the beginning of the Catholic tradition of Lent. In an attempt to get a younger audience engaged with religion and the message of Lent, Pope Benedict XVI is taking his message to Twitter. We’re not surprised, since The Pope approved Social Networking last year, but we’re definitely intrigued.

Sadie: Don’t be modest. Tell them about yourself, already. Here is an informative article highlighting the seven mistakes people make when crafting the about page on their website. These erros span from using too much corporate jargon to not even having an about page. Read these tips and share your story in an effective and informative way.

Sally: A great way to drive traffic to your site, increase your page rank and save a little time and brain power is to revamp and repurpose content. Ragan offers several smart and fresh ways to accomplish this, from breaking up content with bullet points, adding images, adding or changing distinct calls to action and reviewing past analytics to distinguish how to best recycle a post based on whatever your goals are for doing so.

Billy Crystal at the OscarsAndy: When I watch some kind of televised event (ok, being honest, when I watch ANYTHING) I am usually tweeting about it. Whether it’s the Duke-UNC men’s basketball game or an episode of Real Housewives of Anywhere, America, I’m tweeting something. And, I’m not alone. The smart people at these television networks have picked up on this and nowadays every show has some kind of hashtag or twitter handle to help you engage and this weekend’s Oscars are no different. The Oscars have developed a Social Media Strategy that, in addition to an official Oscar App, includes the real-time tracking tweets using #oscars and #oscarbuzz. I can’t wait to follow along!

Burke: The 2 User Metrics That Matter for SEO The meta descriptions in your website header matter. Why?  Because Google uses clickthrough rate (CTR) on search engine result pages (SERPs), and keeping your meta descriptions short and to the point are the best way to have them show up on the SERPs. Tell people exactly what your web page has on it.  The other factor that SEOMOZ mentions in this article is how long a person stays on the page.  Read more.

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