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Adele: 60 Second PPC Self-Audit! Is your Account Fat, Dumb & Lazy? I’m pretty confident that none of the PPC campaigns being run by FSC could be classified as any of these, but I figured ” who doesnt have a minute to spare to just check on things.” This compact yet thorough post gives you a few key factors to check in on when it comes to the “fitness” of your search marketing efforts – perfect for noobs and pros alike.

Kristin: How to Stay Open for Business on Google Places– As Google Places gears up to dominate local search, an alarming profusion of inaccurate business closures  has scarred the search engine’s reputation for relevance and accuracy- as well as cause harm to perfectly healthy businesses whose listings have been fraudulently marked “permanently closed” on Google Places pages.  This seems to be another lesson not to “set it and forget it” when building up listings for SEO, especially as local search changes the way businesses are found by customers.  These listings will be increasingly important and should be well-tended and closely watched.

Ashley: Word of Mouse Marketing: 3 Case Social Media Studies: Online users are constantly inundated with so many different ads coming from multiple media sources. This barrage of ads turns into white noise and causes ads to lose effectiveness. These three social media campaigns from Klout, Wildfire and Mr. Youth are great examples of how to think outside of the traditional marketing box and use “word of mouse” marketing through Facebook, Twitter and Bing to reach users, increase engagement and maximize return on investment.

Sally: How-to Reach a Market For Your Web Series – I love Soshable because they always post honest material on discoveries about social media that are relatable to the general public. And by general public I mean me, and whoever else may not have their finger on the pulse of the latest breaking technical details about Facebook, Twitter and the like. Plus it’s fun to read. But I digress. This particular article has an elaborate yet clear infographic created by SEOmoz.org on how successful online video marketing works and tips for generating a following on Youtube or similar platforms – something that can be instrumental in client or self promotion.

Tiffany: Will You Listen to Music on Facebook?– I am a Pandora junkie. I’ve heard that Spotify is all the rage, but can’t shake my Pandora loyalty. Facebook has tried to make entries into other tried and true models like Places(competing with Foursquare) and Deals (competing with Groupon), with little success. They are venturing into music, but I can’t help but wonder if I am willing to make the change. Are you?

Brooke: American Social Media Usage Reaches MilestoneThe Pew Internet and American Life Project is known to be a “fact tank” for extensive surveys and research into how the internet effects us. They recently reported that social media usage may have reached its tipping point. As young adults internet usage remains stable, the baby-boomer generation of internet users, social networking site usage on a typical day grew a significant 60%. What do you think this implies for the future of social media?

Andy: YouTube Links Last Twice as Long as Those on Facebook or Twitter – I was never very good at physics, so the concept of a half-life is something that I am only mildly comfortable with. I understand it on the surface level, but not so much when you begin discussing it in depth as it relates to radioactive elements. Not my thing. However, taking that concept and applying it to Social Media and suddenly, I see the light. According to a study done by the “scientists” at Bit.ly, the average half-life of links posted on Facebook, Twitter and Email/IM is about three hours. So, after three hours of publication, your link clicks will, more than likely, decrease by half. However, the average half-life of a link on YouTube was almost 7.5 hours. Where you link matters, and YouTube seems to have the advantage. So, get to makin’ those YouTube videos, people!

Noelle: The Need for a New Listening Movement: From monitoring to learning – Currently, only 36% of businesses monitor & respond in social media. Shocking? Not particularly. Although there is a plethora of listening services, they can be complicated, requiring expert analysis that most people just can’t be bothered with. However, people are talking about you and your brand and it’s important to not just monitor but actually listen.

Burke: What’s Your Type? Typeface, that is…– “For better or for worse, picking a typeface is more like getting dressed in the morning. Just as with clothing, there’s a distinction between typefaces that are expressive and stylish versus those that are useful and appropriate to many situations, and our job is to try to find the right balance for the occasion.”

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