Fa La La La Local

Tis the season to begin thinking about Holiday marketing. Recent studies show that shoppers are turning to social media for product reviews, research and recommendations. Social media outlets are free and a great way for small businesses to have a personable relationship with buyers. Here are a few ways to localize your marketing efforts to maximize your Holiday marketing dollars. Local Twitter Search Twitter is a great way to connect to customers or potential customers instantly. But, if you are spa located in New Orleans, you not likely interested in someone searching for a pedicure gift certificate in NYC. Luckily, a simple proximity boolean allows to search for keywords within a specific zip code. Just go to the Twitter Search page and type your keyword followed by near:your ZipCode and it will show all the conversations happening within the proximity. Twitter Search Near.JPG Geo-targeted ads Google AdWords allows you to drill down by zip code and choose targeted sites within its Content Network by category or individual domains. Facebook has a $1 daily minimum that appeals to even the smallest marketing budgets. In addition to city-specific targeting, you can hone in on unique interests and even friends of your Fans. Google Analytics Map Overlay Google Analytics provides so much information on your site visitors it can easily become overwhelming. But, when you know what you are looking for it’s an invaluable resource. In this case, the Map Overlay can tell you exactly where your visitors are coming from. When used with Goal Conversions you can even find out what geographic areas are spending the most money. You can use this to focus your attention on your most profitable regions and tailor messaging accordingly. map overlay LA details.JPG You Tube Target understand the value of YouTube to drive Holiday sales. But, you don’t need big box budgets to make an impact. After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine. Odds are there are millions of people competing for your search terms and it’s tough to get to the top listings on natural search. Not only is it potentially less competitive, but the Google search engines search YouTube as well, so you could end up in the top ranks there.  Think of ways you can create video content and use consistent keywords wherever possible- in captions, tags and Channel description. Easy, right? Now you can take a break and go elf yourself.