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Social Media Best Practices for Restaurants [Infographic + Case Studies]

When you’re handling a restaurant’s social media presence, it can be equal parts enjoyable and tough. One negative review can cost a restaurant around 30 potential customers, but that’s not the be-all-end-all for a restaurant or its online persona. As a community manager or content creator, there are some major ingredients involved in cooking up an effective and engaging brand presence. With 80% of people researching restaurants online before they decide to dine, it’s important to make sure your content represents the brand’s voice and your community manager responds quickly and appropriately to fan reviews and customer inquiries. If you’re engaged with the good AND the bad, it shows character, and it humanizes your brand. Leverage National Trends & Seasonal Topics It’s also important to pay attention to trending topics you can leverage for your brand. Popular national food holidays are a great way to add your voice to the conversation in a relevant way. Criollo Restaurant, for example, took advantage of #NationalGumboDay by enticing followers with a mouth-watering image of their popular Seafood Gumbo: Use Video Marketing To Your Advantage Video marketing is also becoming a major player for any online presence. Portraying a brand’s voice through captivating cinema and eloquent copy helps first-time searchers get an idea of your restaurant’s aesthetic and personality. Doris Metropolitan took advantage of video content to profile its restaurant dining area, private dining room, and courtyard dining area. The video reached 4,700 people and had more than 1,800 views. It was simple, informative, and accurately represented the brand’s voice. Most importantly, it got people talking about their experiences at Doris. Social Media... read more

Boost Your Holiday Sales: SEO Tips & Social Media Tricks for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The holiday season means big business for retailers, and with e-commerce sales expected to exceed $550 billion in the United States alone in 2016, it’s clear that there is plenty of opportunity for small businesses to think smarter and take action now to boost holiday sales. Here are six SEO tips and social media tricks to start implementing today that will keep the virtual cash register ringing all year long. Schedule content in advance Plan ahead and create blog posts and social media content for the holiday season with the goal of increasing sales. Create targeted gift guides for different price points and demographics (think “Gifts for Men” or “Gifts Under $50”). Don’t stop after the holiday season is over – Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, wedding season, and other holidays offer plenty of opportunity for year-round gift-themed content. Remember to schedule social media posts about Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales, and be sure to let your customers know about holiday shipping deadlines. Improve your call-to-action & landing pages ‘Tis the season to tout your best work. Look for ways to improve user experience on your website, and direct visitors to the actions you want them to take. Make it easy for them to find the information they need before they’ll buy, like shipping and return policies and customer service contact info. Put the spotlight on seasonal products, gift certificates, and gift wrapping options. Use Pinterest to drive traffic Pinterest is the social media channel that is a natural fit for e-tailers. With its visual nature and built-in search functionality, Pinterest is a shopper’s paradise, and visitors who click through from... read more

FSC Fall Successes: A Hearty Crop of Client Wins

Autumn is harvest season, and if we were farmers, let’s just say we’d be very busy with abundant crops of client successes! From huge year-over-year gains on the 1st Lake Properties blog to Hotel Monteleone’s highest-performing newsletter yet, we’re pleased to report a cornucopia of recent wins. Take a look! Blogging 1st Lake Properties Compared with the same period last year, October for the FLP blog saw: 4,596 sessions (+17% year over year) 3,436 users (+19% YOY) 9,459 page views (+42% YOY) Pinterest was the top source for social referrals, an exciting change from the continuous Facebook referrals seen in past statistics Social Media Visit New Orleans VNO had a spook-tacular time leveraging New Orleans as America’s Most Haunted City. One video received the following engagement: 868 comments on Instagram— the most comments ever! An organic reach on Facebook of 456,000+ More than 22,700 impressions on Twitter Email Newsletter Hotel Monteleone 1 email generated 45,723 opens (20% Open Rate) + 2,751 clicks In total, the email garnered $119,702.50 in revenue Paid Search/SEM Mignon Faget Best month ever (again) for paid search with $17,880 International House Best month since January 2014 for paid search with $45,870 Sent more revenue in Oct 2015 than in both Oct 2014 and 2013 combined! Get focused and smart about your digital communications strategy for the year ahead. Our FREE 5-day digital marketing mini-course will... read more

BOO! The Scariest Social Content Mistakes

AHHHH! Cover your eyes, because these content mistakes are the scariest! (But really, don’t cover your eyes — keep reading!) Posting about a national holiday when that holiday doesn’t exist “Happy National Wear a Costume to Work Day!” Oh, wait… that’s awkward, because it’s actually National Pizza Day, and National Wear a Costume to Work Day is not a legitimate day. Celebrating weird national holidays is a great way for any brand to create fun and engaging content. However, there are A LOT of made up national holidays. How to avoid this: Research all fun national holidays in advance of planning to post, and make sure at least three different sources all have the same date. Over-filtering an image on Instagram We all know this person. The friend who crops the image to a wide angle, turns the brightness all the way up, adds the XPROII filter and then randomly throws in a blurry addition after having already run the picture around in a third-party photo editor app. Now your eyes are burning, and your followers are terrified!    How to avoid this: Try to stay as absolutely natural looking as possible while also making the color pop and the image more eye-catching. If you are going to edit your image in a third party app such a Snapseed, VSCO Cam or Afterlight, don’t you dare even touch it on Instagram. Just run right past the filter options and publish. Not spell-checking before publishing This is an extremely common mistake in social media world. Your brand is trying to send out a fast tweet in order to jump on a trend.... read more

The Power of Ad Extensions!

Google AdWords ad extensions are created and utilized to give the consumer a better experience with your brand or product in the search results. Per usual, Google has done a great job at figuring out the reasons consumers go to websites and has added avenues for consumers to get that info straight from the ad without ever clicking through! Why Ad Extensions are Great Ad extensions are great for the consumer because it saves them time when they make a search. Just think: if you are searching for a restaurant because you want to call in an order from your cell phone, wouldn’t it be great if when you search, the click-to-call button is right there in the ad? What a time saver! Or if you are looking for a place to get gas and you can click on the address and get directions without ever clicking through to the site. Your needs are instantly met! This is the power of Google ad extensions. Ad extensions are also great for the advertiser because it decreases the steps to converting the consumer. As the advertiser, I want to solve the consumer’s problem or help them as quickly as possible. If a consumer is looking for an option with free shipping, I’m going to utilize my callout extensions to tell them about our free shipping and money-back guarantee. Or if the consumer wants to know the average rating for a product or service to help them pick between the many search results, I want to add the “reviews” extension so they can get that info before they decide on which search... read more