Innovation with Impact

FSC Interactive is an online marketing firm in New Orleans that specializes in digital marketing strategy and analysis. We offer services in social media marketing, paid search advertising, SEO strategy and content marketing.

We filter through the clutter to develop focused, smart communications plans that drive qualified leads to your business.


We Adapt To Change

We realize that there is one thing you can count on in the online world – change. FSC prides itself on providing excellent customer service and quickly adapting marketing strategies to stay innovative and competitive.


We Build Conversations

We help develop your brand and voice, providing you with confidence in your online marketing efforts. Whether searching on Google or cruising Facebook, we make sure you are perfectly positioned at the intersection of curiosity and ah-ha!


We Think Smart

Strategic thought is at the core of FSC, and we provide the metrics to prove our and ultimately YOUR success. We will guide you through the process of developing a successful online marketing plan while educating you on the analytics of digital marketing.

We Create Impact

FSC has a track record of creating cutting edge and award winning work. Our results driven approach uses metrics to complement creativity; this powerful balance reaches your business goals with innovative and effective efforts.

FSC Interactive

At FSC, mutual respect and shared success are the roots of great partnerships and innovative work. We’re designed to complement your business. This belief is at our core and in our culture: your goals are our goals.


Why Hire FSC?

Since 2007, FSC Interactive has set the pace for the digital marketing industry in the Greater New Orleans area. As the first New Orleans agency to start a social media department, and as an agency that focuses exclusively on online marketing, FSC has continued to guide clients through the advancing technology and tactics of social media strategy, search engine optimization and paid search marketing. We’ve won plenty of awards along the way: