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5 Things Your Graphic Designer Wishes You Would Say

Want to make your graphic designer happy? It’s as easy as telling them these 5 things:1. “I’d like to see a, b, and c…” It’s important to be invested from the beginning and know and communicate your goals and objectives before the design process begins. There is nothing worse than telling a designer, “You have free reign” or “I don’t know what I want, but I know it when I see it.” This provides no real structure or objectives to the design. Design without purpose is only aesthetic and won’t be able to communicate your message.Give feedback early and often. Don’t wait to the end to make changes, if something isn’t right speak up.Give examples. Show your designer designs you think work and designs you think don’t work.Provide existing brand assets. If you already have established a brand provide these assets early. Share any logos, brand colors, typefaces, textures or any other graphical element.2. “What sort of timeline works for you?” Don’t expect your design tomorrow. A good design takes time. Your designer should discuss with you when to realistically expect a first draft, revisions, and the final design. Keep in mind that design takes time and several specialized skills. What may seem like a simple change could actually cause more visual problems that take time for the designer to address.Photo courtesy Digital Synopsis.3. “I understand that it might take a few drafts.” Design is a process – a collaborative process. This may seem obvious, but you and your designer have the same goal in mind – to communicate your message to your audience. With that in mind don’t expect the... read more

The Great Create: Free Creative Lifelines for Your Content Deadline

The Internet. It’s not just cat videos and memes. OK, it’s mostly cat videos and memes, but it’s also the world’s greatest resource for creatives. I could spend hours scouring the Internet for the latest and greatest tools for the imaginative maker, but that would distract me from my work. Instead, I’ve solidified a list of my go-to resources (both tools and inspiration), which I have bookmarked and reference regularly.There’s a whole ‘nother world outside of the Creative Suite, loaded with the same features. The best part? They’re free! That means you can spend your money on more important things, like that Cards Against Humanity expansion pack, or that Hemingway novel you won’t actually read.I digress.With content, you’ve got to be swift and effective, but you’ve also got to be creative. It should engage, entertain, and inform in an efficient and beautifully laid out way. Striking imagery and eye-catching video are time-consuming to create if you’re in a crunch, so I’ve assembled a list of tools that are not only totally awesome, they’re also totally freakin’ free!MakerbookThis might be as far as you get in my post because Makerbook has. it. all. Makerbook launched in March of 2015, with the sole mission of scouring the Internet for every free creative resource available. Every free photo resource (I use this section a lot). Every free video resource. Fonts. Mock-Ups. Graphics. Textures. Audio. Tools. Take them for a test drive, no license needed.Call to Idea Inspiration is a major part of creating original ideas. When you’re stuck, it can be the most frustrating experience. Call to Idea is a conglomerate of websites... read more

FSC’s Campaign Successes | July 2015

FSC Successes: Christmas in JulyOur Yule was cool, but our summer has proved red hot. Christmas came early (in July, to be exact) with record-breaking campaign successes on behalf of our clients. Just what was in our stockings? More than 250 transactions for a Skip ‘n’ Whistle flash sale and the highest revenue in a single month for Hotel Monteleone. But wait, there’s myrrh…  Social HighlightsSkip N’ WhistleIn just 5 days…sent 4 emails to 2 lists = 7,209 engaged subscribers, 9,272 Opens, 1,520 ClicksIn 24hrs – it had already generated $3,50011 Facebook PostsFacebooks Ads and PromotionSpent: $1,345.57, Generated $2,136.28 in salesThere were 257 total TransactionsSocial Media generated 118 Transactions and sent 2,360 visits to the SNW.comAverage Order Value $49.10Campaign generated total sales of $12,618.89Social Media generated 18.41% of total sales ($2,136.28)NOTMCInstagram – A post of the St. Louis Cathedral received the highest engagement of all time on Visit New Orleans, with 4,208 LIKES! Facebook – A beautiful picture of beignets saw the second–highest engagement of all time on VNO, with 13,448 likes, 1,089 comments, 1,648 shares, and a reach of 237,312.Paid Search HighlightsHotel Monteleone saw the most revenue in a month ever, even during the summer slow–down.Spend: $9,481Revenue: $146,256Search (SEO) HighlightsBienville HouseOverall traffic to blog posts was up +13% MOMOverall website traffic was up +9% month-over-monthTraffic from organic search was up +7% MOM (it’s all down YOY though)1st Lake Traffic from social media sources increased by +176% MOM and increased +230% YOY, with 251 website visits from social media sources in July 2015 vs 91 visits in June 2015 and 76 visits in July 2014.Traffic from Facebook increased by +239% MOM and increased +578%... read more

Digital Marketing Tracking Made Easy: Google Tag Manager

At this point, I am sure many of you have heard about Google Tag Manager, but do you know exactly what it is or what it is fully capable of? Odds are, no. The truth is that very few people actually understand the plethora of opportunities that Google Tag Manager has to offer. Furthermore, some online marketers are unfamiliar with the basic concept of tags to collect data. Have no fear: this is going to be your comprehensive tutorial and guide. We’ll cover:What is Google Tag ManagerWhy marketers and IT teams are so excitedWhy you should use Google Tag Manager Let’s jump right in! What is Google Tag ManagerLet’s start things off simple by explaining what exactly a tag is.According to Google, “tags are tiny bits of website code that let you measure traffic and visitor behavior, understand the impact of online advertising and social channels, use remarketing and audience targeting, test and improve your site, and more.” Now, let’s explain this without all of the marketing buzzwords. A tag is how we track metrics on websites by sending data to third parties, such as Google.Without tags, we would not have all of the wonderful data and information available in Google Analytics or AdWords. And what kind of world would it be without all that data?Google Tag Manager is here to make our lives a little simpler by helping marketers improve the data they gather while increasing the speed that they can safely make changes to the metrics they need to track. GTM is a free tool that lets you manage the tracking tags for your website in one aesthetically pleasing UI... read more

Google Analytics for Hotel Website & Marketing Performance

There are many ways that a hotelier can measure the performance of their website and marketing efforts, but very few are as effective as Google Analytics… and it’s free.With a little bit of developer time and possibly an email or two to the company that handles your booking software, Google Analytics can be up and running to measure an almost limitless amount of website visitor behavior and online marketing data.Website DataConversion Rate: The indicator to the health of your website as a reservation generation tool. It shows how well your website converts browsing visitors into hotel guests.In Google Analytics, it can be found under Conversions by expanding the Ecommerce section and looking at the Overview.Obviously, the higher the number the better. You’ll want to look at this number and how it compares to the previous month or year, how it changes after a website design or increases with the launch of a new marketing channel.Behavior Flow: A look at the different ways website visitors travel through your website on their way to booking a reservation (hopefully) or where they leave your website to go to an OTA (online travel agency like TripAdvisor) or a rival hotel.In Google Analytics, this report is located under Behavior and can be seen by clicking Behavior Flow.Use this report to see what pages are visited the most and make sure those are optimized for pushing people through the reservation process. It allows you to see which pages cause people to leave your site so that you can make sure there isn’t a roadblock in the buying process.Marketing DataSource/Medium: A way to discover what are... read more

The Science Behind the Regram

A what?If you haven’t heard of a regram, it’s the practice of sharing another user’s photo on Instagram. Why is this important? For brands, regramming shows that you are connected with your audience. Although regramming is important, it should still involve sticking to your brand voice and reflecting your business goals. As you share your viewers’ photos, you are helping to grow your community and image base.How to RegramIf you’re uncertain how to find photos to regram for your business, you could ask your viewers to use a certain hashtag or tag you in their photos so you can find them more easily. Remember, if you choose to implement this practice, then you should engage with these photos to show appreciation for your viewer’s participation.So, how do you actually regram? There are many mobile apps that give you the capability to repost someone’s photo through Instagram. You may choose to use one of these, or you could simply screenshot the photo and then upload it natively. Many brands choose this tactic instead of using an application because it allows for a cleaner appearance. Make sure to always give credit to the original user, and engage with the original photo before you regram it. This can come in the form of a comment simply letting the user know how much you enjoy their photo.Repost app:                                            Regram natively:                 A special perk would be regramming an influential brand or user. This can help to connect two different Instagram communities and increase your reach.TakeawaysAlways give credit to the original userEngage with original photoStay true to your brand!Monitor hashtags and mentions for possible photosEngage... read more