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INSTA-SEPTEMBER: See Our Campaign Successes

Social Successes – All About the Gram (Instagram) A picture is worth a thousand words, or maybe even a thousand likes. Instagram is an ideal social channel for beautiful imagery that embodies your brand or business. It’s a personal favorite at FSC, and we’ve seen great successes this past month on the channel for a few of our clients: Woodstock Instagram Contest In an effort to optimize and grow the Woodstock Instagram channel, FSC recommended activating a 2-day Instagram contest geared toward fan acquisition. Overall, we aimed to increase the number of Instagram followers, generate brand and product awareness and drive social media engagement for Woodstock Furniture Outlet. Requirements to Enter: Must be following @woodstockoutlet on InstagramLike the giveaway postComment and tag 3 friendsCampaign Results: Instagram followers gained during 2-day campaign – 90 Instagram posts: 153 Likes, 100 CommentsDoris Metropolitan Instagram Doris Metropolitan has drastically grown in engagement on Instagram — just check out the snapshot below of these popular recent posts. An average post received between 30-40 likes until a couple of weeks ago, when engagement skyrocketed thanks to some savvy techniques.Search Successes Hotel Monteleone – most revenue in one month. $209,700 + 303 calls.Mignon Faget – most revenue in one month. $15,187 – including $614 via $18 spend on Shopping/PLA campaign.Web Dev Successes Criollo’s enhanced website went live! We made their current site more mobile-friendly and updated the header and... read more

Community Managing 101: Do You Know the Basics?

Sprout Social defines a Community Manager as being “responsible for advocating the brand on social networks. They create their own social persona and actively go out within the online community to connect with potential customers and advocate the brand.” In other words, Community Managers spark conversation between the brand itself and current, as well as potential, consumers on social media channels.24/7, 365, a Community Manager Breathes the Brand Although you may be aware there is a person behind the brand responding to you, did you know that this person eats, sleeps and breathes this brand? Just like social media is a never-ending, 24/7, 365 days a year entity, so is the community manager of a brand, who’s the puppeteer behind the brand’s persona. Although the persona of a brand may change in some ways as time goes on, one thing stays constant: a brand should always be in contact with its audience. Two Top Tools Although social media can be a space where anything goes and people can say the first thing that comes to mind; there are some best practices that any Community Manager can adopt into their repertoire. In order to grow and maintain a social media community one must always be in the know of what people are saying about their brand, both the positive and the negative. Fortunately for Community Managers, there are tools available that allow for constant communication.Hootsuite: The best tool for managing a brand, or multiple brands, across more than one social media channel is Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows its users to monitor what people are saying about a brand and also allows... read more

Not Just Facebook: How to Promote an Event for Smashing Success

There is no denying the power of social media, but not all social media is powerful. There are many facets to consider to achieve the desired results. Let’s take a look at event promotion specifically, where attendance is key. How do you make sure your event is a smashing success? Follow these guidelines: Announcement You can’t expect people to attend your event if they don’t know about it. Using a Facebook event is a simple and effective method for getting the word out. As with all content published to your page, not all of your fans will see it – you still have to battle the almighty algorithm. However, this creates a separate social presence totally dedicated to your event which can serve as the perfect awareness platform. Event Updates Facebook events are very useful mechanisms to house event details and share updates along the way. Unlike a paper invitation, you can add details to the Facebook event all the way up until the event occurs. Updating the event as catering selections are made, music performances are finalized, surprise guests are announced, etc., all keep you in regular contact with your audience. Each time an update is posted to the event, the attendees are notified, serving as the perfect reminders. This is a great communication tool, but don’t abuse it or you may see your yes’s turn into no’s.Cross Promotion While the heart of your event promotion can be housed on Facebook, it is imperative to utilize all of your social channels to advertise your event. The key here is to drive people back to the Facebook event for... read more

Facebook’s Most Unused Secret Weapon

There are still some people out there using Facebook groups rather than setting up a business page. For organizations with a small budget and the goal to grow and inform, shifting your approach can make a big difference. A few months ago, I had a chat with a pastor of a local church about what he could do to make more of an impact on social media. After taking a look at their assets, I quickly realized the church was using a group to get messages across. I explained to the pastor that building a Facebook page was free and fairly simple to set up and that it came along with a lot more benefits than using a group. Since our chat, the church has created a growing Facebook page.Group Vs. Business Page: What’s the Difference?Facebook pages allow a business or organization to share content that can be seen by anyone and everyone on Facebook. A group limits you to sharing content only with your members. For a non-profit like a church, typical goals include growing the following or support both online and offline, providing information about events such as fundraisers and signups for things such as newsletters, volunteer efforts, and sharing a message with as many people as possible. Facebook pages make it much easier to work toward specific objectives. Content can be shared to pages with organic (free) posts and promoted (paid) posts. The difference between free posts and paid posts is the number of people Facebook will deliver your post to. With promoted posts, the content will have an organic reach as well as a promoted... read more

So You Think You’re Ready for Instagram Ads? 7 Things to Know

In a time when paid social advertising is receiving an increasing slice of marketing budgets, it’s no wonder that Instagram advertising has been so highly anticipated. For 18 months, savvy marketers have waited for a conclusion from Instagram’s careful testing with hand-picked businesses. Finally, Instagram has announced it is launching its advertising platform to the masses. Can we get a heck yeah?! Now, if you’re eager to get in on the Instagram ad game, you should be aware of what you’re getting into. We’re here to help with the scoop on the biggest things you need to... read more

FSC’s Campaign Successes | August 2015

FSC Successes: End of Summer SuccessesSummer may be winding down, but seasonal successes are still going strong at FSC. We’ve been busy with all sorts of wins for our clients, including a blog series with famed author Chris Rose, a 103% increase in revenue for International House Hotel, and so much more. Check out our top August successes… Campaign Successes: Visit New OrleansVisit New Orleans sought to share a message of thanks and appreciation to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina while showing how far the city has come. Through organic and paid efforts of “Thank You” social media posts, more than 1.4 million people were reached.4,146 total shares2,9937 total likes2,023 total comments New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau: COOLinary The month-long CVB campaign, COOLinary, encouraged visitors and locals alike to take part in culinary deals at local restaurants throughout the month of August.COOLinary messaging saw 27,997 social referrals compared with 5,322 in 2014425% increase in referrals NEW ORLEANS WILL: Chris Rose SeriesBestselling author Chris Rose penned five blogs that were viewed a total of 18,013 times during the time the campaign ran.Overall Facebook reach (including all paid and organic) of 191,570Total of 17,904 impressions made on Twitter (including paid and organic tweets)Total post and tweet engagements: 17,376. Paid Search Successes: International House Hotel Saw a 103% revenue increase! Bornstein LawGarnered 162 leads vs. 137 the previous month at $75 per lead.Hotel MonteleoneBest PPC month ever! The hotel saw $169,138 in reservations from paid search... read more