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FSC Interactive is an agency specializing in search marketing strategy, social media management, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, web site audits and local SEO.

Online Marketing Services

Social Media Strategy and Management

New Orleans Social Media Management Agency CompanySocial media and online public relations (PR) are a shift in how people discover, read and share news, information and content. It is transforming monologues into dialogues and transforming people from content readers into publishers.

Somewhere online somebody is talking about your company or industry. Do you know what they are saying? Are you involved in the conversation? What are you adding to the discussion? Learn how FSC Interactive’s New Orleans social media management agency can help you create a social media strategy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

New Orleans SEO Company Search Engine Optimization AgencyMaking your website efficient to the end user and optimized for search are essential pieces in creating a successful online marketing plan. Your site, online marketing messaging, online listings and even press releases need to be optimized for both search engines to find you and index your company for what you do and what you provide.

There are a number of ways to help your site appear higher in natural search results for desired searches, as well as improve the design, content and structure of your online presence. Learn how FSC Interactive’s New Orleans SEO agency can help your company optimize your website for SEO.

Paid Search Engine Marketing (SEM, PPC, and Google AdWords)

There are not only billions of people searching the web, but also millions of ways to strategically target that audience. One of those tactics is the utilization of paid search, a.k.a. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).
New Orleans Paid Search Marketing Agency Google Adwords Certified Company
FSC Interactive specializes in the management of paid search advertising campaigns in Google and Yahoo/Bing network; within social media networks like Facebook, Linked In and YouTube; and contextual targeting on various other websites. We develop comprehensive programs with daily monitoring and optimization to help reach online marketing goals with trackable and measured ROI.

New Orleans Paid Search PPC SEM Yahoo Bing Network LogoWhether you are looking to reach a very targeted geographic area or promote a specific industry niche, paid placement can often be your fastest and most efficient way to reach those that seek what you have to sell. Let FSC Interactive’s New Orleans paid search management agency work with you to build a new search engine marketing campaign or optimize your existing pay-per-click search marketing efforts.

Online Marketing for Small Business

The FSC Empowerment Program teaches and trains small business owners and staff how to efficiently and effectively participate in social media and online marketing. With a 90-day, cost-effective program, FSC will help develop a customized plan to earn the attention and loyalty of existing customers, as well as draw in new customers. The online marketing training provided by our team of experts helps businesses navigate, understand and execute online strategies that produce results.

Maintaining an online communications plan requires not only an ongoing presence, but engaging content and an effective use of social media and web tools. FSC Interactive will identify the best social media channels, top search keywords and creative content ideas to help you draw in and engage your audience. FSC Interactive will also work with you to develop robust, customized social media channels based on your strategic goals and brand standards. This build-out will provide a boost to your online image and reputation.

After developing the full strategy and content plan, FSC Interactive will work closely with you to develop an easy do-it-yourself plan for you to have ongoing management of your online marketing. Along with hands-on training, FSC Interactive will also provide how-to and best practices guides that are customized for each channel – all after we have a full understanding of the internal structure and availability of your time and tools.

Let FSC Interactive work with you to create a custom online marketing plan for your business.